Group Videca

Since 1965 VIDECA has produced and distributed a wide range of canned fruits.

We own 2 factories located in Villanueva de Castellón and in Burriana, both near VALENCIA. They are placed in the largest citrus production area in Europe, right in the heart of the Mediterranean.

VIDECA directly employs more than 500 people, whose dedication and identification with the company are among our major assets.


Our mission is the production and commercialization of a wide range of canned fruits, processed with the highest quality and food safety requirements, to satisfy our customers demand worldwide.

With more than 50 years experience, and a privileged geographical situation, at VIDECA we are always working with our customers on new products that are adapted to new market trends, in order to meet ever changing consumer tastes and needs.


VIDECA has developed an exclusive range of fruits packed in cans, glass jars or frozen.

All our products can be used as natural ingredients in any fruit preparation, and for pastry, food service and catering. They are perfect for their direct consumption at home.

Fruits are picked directly from the orchards and then processed in our plants with the highest food safety requirements, in accordance with the strictest international quality regulations. VIDECA is accredited with IFS, Halal and Kosher certifications.




When Industrias Videca S.A. (hereinafter Videca) talks about Corporate Social Responsibility it is referring to the company having to assume the consequences of its activity, the impact that Videca's decisions can have on the society of the future. It is, therefore, Videca's commitment as a member of a community, to preserve and improve the conditions around it, the impacts that its activity generates on customers, employees, local communities, the environment and on society in general, which constitutes its corporate social responsibility.

2.- SCOPE 

Corporate Social Responsibility (hereinafter CSR) in VIDECA, is a transversal concept that affects different areas of company management. The activities developed in this framework are: 

a) Linked to the basic activity of the company 

b) They have a vocation of permanence in time 

c) They imply a commitment of senior management 

CSR is characterized by being multidimensional and affects various areas of company management: 

a) Human rights 

b) Work and employment practices

c) Health protection 

d) Environmental issues 

e) Fight against fraud, bribery and corruption

f) Consumer interests



Videca pursues the following objectives: 


1.-Develop its activity in an ethical and responsible way: 

a) respecting the regulations in force at all times 

b) placing people at the center of their purpose 


2.- Increase value creation: 

a) For all stakeholders 

b) With a Sustainable performance and long-term vision



To achieve the above objectives, VIDECA bases its mission on: 


a) Act ethically in daily activity, being honest and transparents in all our relationships

b) Compliance with human rights, respect for children, equal opportunities 

c) Identify and manage potential economic, social and environmental impacts to achieve long-term sustainable performance, so that the needs of future generations are not compromised 

d) Continuous improvement, offering our customers and consumers quality, healthy, nutritious and innovative products

e) Continuous innovation, both in processes and products

f) All our management acts within the principle of complying with current legislation



In order to comply with these principles, VIDECA implements the following specific commitments: 

A) Clients: 

• To place customers at the centre of our activity, in order to establish lasting relationships, based on mutual trust and value contribution 

• Promote a transparent, clear and responsible community 


B) Employees: 

* Respect diversity and promote equal opportunities, as well as non-discrimination    based on gender, age, disability or any other circumstance 

* Promote work-life balance practices 

* Implement practices to ensure the safety of the workforce and ensure the health of all employees. No physical and verbal abuse; no forced labour or harassment of any kind (sexual, etc.), as well as any type of severe and inhuman treatment 

* Respect the right of workers to join unions of their free choice and comply with legal regulations

C) Suppliers: 

* Define and implement a Responsible Purchasing Policy that includes, among others, providing complete and transparent information in the supply chain and stimulating the demand for socially responsible products

D) Society and environment: 

* Promote own or collective initiatives for the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 

* Participate in initiatives and collaborate with regulators and other organizations for the promotion of responsible, healthy and sustainable practices 

* Define and implement an Environmental Policy that includes, among others, the management of risks in this area, the progressive integration of environmental variables in product development and the promotion of eco-efficiency together with the management of direct impacts 

* Carry out actions aimed at reducing our environmental impact focused on both reducing the carbon footprint and the consumption of resources; also the development of policies to improve the cycle of life of our products and the development of the circular economy. 

E) Shareholders: 

* Transparency, veracity, immediacy and homogeneity in the information

* Ease the knowledge of those issues that may be necessary to allow the adequate exercise of the rights of shareholders 

* Equal treatment of all shareholders 

* Develop its activity by adequately complying with tax obligations under the principles of integrity, transparency and prudence 



The approval of VIDECA's Corporate Social Responsibility policy corresponds to the Board of Directors, being supported by them and by the General Management. The CSR policy is periodically reviewed and adjusted to changes that may affect the business model of Industrias Videca. 


Version approved by the Board of Directors on June 22, 2021